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Mercura Config

Mercura Config

A product configurator is a great sales tool where you can let your customers and sellers configure your products in either 2D or 3D and obtain an offer.

Mercura Quote

Mercura Quote

Set up amazing and uniform offers both of internal sellers and external agents with Mercura Config. Make great offers faster and easier.

Mercura Automate

Mercura Automate

Are you tired af manuel typing and trivial work processes? Mercura Automate can automate your manuel work.

Mercura Shop

Mercura Shop

Improve your sales process and allow your customers and co-workers to buy your products online. The webshop integrates with your additional systems.

 Who are we?

Focus on the core, digitize for more

Mercura is a software house that focuses on digitization of SME-businesses through optimization of processes and internal workflows.

We cooperate with businesses who wish to save expenses and increase their turnover by using modern IT-solutions.


Why choose Mercura?

Attractive prices

Easy user interface

Automated testing tool

High security level

"At SCITEQ we are very satisfied with the B2B webshop and our online agent management system, that Mercura has developed for us. The company managed perfectly to understand and comply with our needs."

Linda Kaae Hedegaard
Sales and marketing assistant

"We have a permanent contact person and project leader at Mercura and he show an extraordinary interest in our business and challenge us proactively with new improvement ideas which was very rewarding for us in a busy workday."

Frank Wind
Ejer/Adm. Direktør
Johs. Møller Maskinfabrik A/S

"Mercura has been really great at both understanding our needs and fulfilling our wishes. There has been a good communication throughout the whole project, and we would highly recommend Mercura as a business partner."

Peter Lidegaard
Key Account Manager
Priess Steel

We have been EXTREMELY happy working together with Mercura

Mercura is deeply professional and deliver software products of high quality at prices that are affordable for all SMEs.

– Rasmus Krogh, Havemand Aarhus

Palle Wøllekær Copla

Our expenses for the Mercura Config solution have paid for itself in a very short time

“We decided to buy the Mercura Config solution, and our investment paid off very quickly. Our sales setup has improved so much, and we are going to benefit from that the next many years.”
– Palle Wøllekær, Copla Legepladser

Mercura automate solution has saved us a lot OF manuel work

“Mercura Automate solution has enabled os to improve our business, so we don’t have to worry about all the manuel work. Thus we can focus our energy on our value-creating work projects.”

– Keld Bonne, Bonne Sikring

Software that can be used WHEREVER you want, WHENEVER you want

Built and tested on all platforms and devices

INo matter if you’re on the road or sitting in you office, you will experience that our software is build and tested to be used on all devices. For instance if you don’t manage to complete an offer in your Mercura Quote platform on your computer, then you can open the exact same offer on your phone and finish it wherever you are. 


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Mercura is a software house with focus on digitization of SME-business through optimization of processes and internal workflows.

We cooperate with businesses that wish to save expenses and increase their turnover with modern IT-solutions.

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